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Give Kids A Smile ASDOH



Be a superhero! Join us at Give Kids A Smile hosted by A.T. Still University - Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health on Friday, February 28, 2019. Be a part of hundreds of children receiving needed dental work at no charge!


8:00 am to 3:00 pm


A.T. Still University - ASDOH
5850 E Still Cir
Mesa, AZ 85206

Volunteers Still Needed
48 Assistant
90 Dental Student (1st year)
90 Dental Student (2nd year)
90 Dental Student (3rd year)
-262 Dental Student (4th year)
30 Dental Team (Front Office)
9 Endodontist
37 General Dentist
29 Hygienist
48 Non-Dental Volunteer
10 Oral Surgeon
10 Orthodontist
30 Pedodontist
10 Periodontist
79 Pre-Dental Student
10 Prosthodontist
5 Public Health
20 Resident
19 Student Assistant
40 Student Hygienist
10 VIP


Doctors and hygienists without an Arizona dental license must apply for a volunteer license. It is your responsibility to maintain records of your volunteer license and renew it as necessary.
Spoken Languages:
Volunteer Options:
PROVIDERS: Dental Liability Insurance:
Providers with licenses for direct-patient care - We ask you to check with your insurance providers to see if you already have coverage for this type of volunteer service event at ATSU-ASDOH in order to reduce event costs. If your insurance policy does not cover volunteer events, ASDOH will provide coverage for ASDOH Alumni only for professional services provided during this event and in accordance with ASDOH guidelines.

I am willing to accept referrals and donate aftercare following this event

Please contact me about donating funds or in-kind materials to support this event

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